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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Life Begin On 15th Jan 2011

Today is a new life for me after ended up of "something" relationship.When i woke up i pledge myself to encourage myself to have a new better life's.Then i plan to meet up with my frenz.

Today event : I meet up with a frenz of mine to bridal shop at Sunway Stareast Bridal Shop and help her to choose her wedding dress.But such a disappointment after saw a "no camera" allow sign. Th aught can take some nice photo with her n post out at Facebook.Luckily she was Not so picky only use 1 hour plus to choose her wedding gown.
After that i when to her house n lepaking around at he house. So nice of her hubby helping me to create a blog.
After spending some hour at her place her mum's invited me for dinner..feel so warm~.


  1. hi there! good day, and good luck in everything you do !

  2. Hi Isaac..Nice to meet u here..thx for the comment & concern..Have a nice day too ^^

  3. gambateh~! for your new life, new you!

  4. Thx Joey..thx for supporting me all the time..n i luv n appreciate u so muchie.. ^^