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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18th ~ Vegetarian Day (Chinese Calendar Lunar 15th)

My very 1st whole day eat Vegetarian from Morning till Nitez..Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner. Issit good for us to eat Vegetarian on "Chor Yat 1 & 15"..?If yes whats the reasons.
Yesterday while im driving back to home i do feel like go "Tean Hau Temple" & i invited 1 of my goodies to go with me. I do feel very funny 2 young lady go "Tean Hau"temple around 7.30p.m and we do pray so hard to wish our wish success..after that we do"kau chim" when the time i "kau chim" i pray so hard n said to god hope i can get a good "chim"n please give me a guide line in my life...

 This are the "Chim" i get last night.

P/S: Thanks Joey's finally i know how 2 insert d.. ;-)

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