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Thursday, March 3, 2011

WwwOoOhHOooo ~!
 Finally she is arrive..is on my hand now Yippie ~
 My Big Head Girl ~ ^.^

Sunday, January 23, 2011

19th-23rd Jan 2010 ~

YO yo YO yO....wat a funny week frm 19th - 23rd...Lepaking ard the Klang Valley while im sick...Come On Q'nie girl will share it wif u ~

C wat i hv done on my hair after taking half day leave on 19th of January..
                       Hope this new hair style will bring me luck..yo yo yo...all "sui" things ady gone...huhu~

       Every of my frenz order this fish n we eat enjoyfully coz the portion for this fish is big...wuhahaha..
                                                       Yummy yummy ~! ssllrrrpp...~

                            That's my Sashimi's thumb's up..~! Eat till can mirror up myself.. ^^
                                                              Fuuuyyooohhh !!!

          Green Tea ice cream & Wa wA wa WASABI ice cream..ffuuyyoohh..like wasabi's ice cream so much ^^
                                                   That's my day on 20th January 2011

Having a Friday's mood on 21st of Jan 2011`n things go smoothly escpecially my work..after working time went to Pj SS2 lepak whole nite wif a pretty lady..yo she melt my heart coz she is cute n pretty.. n she cheer my nitez.. ^^

22nd stay at home cleaning house preparing for Chinese New Year..BUT where's the mood for this cny....is around the corner still cant feel the "tunng ttuunng cccchhiannng" mood..tats too bad.. ;-)

23rd Jan 2010...went for a lunch at The garden "Garden Cafe" with two young man n a sweet lady.After that went for a "quite" boring honour movie..wasted my time ;p but i got to said thx for this 2 young man willing to filling up my time.. ^^ Thx Kean Teng, Chee Keat & Karee Lui. ;-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18th ~ Vegetarian Day (Chinese Calendar Lunar 15th)

My very 1st whole day eat Vegetarian from Morning till Nitez..Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner. Issit good for us to eat Vegetarian on "Chor Yat 1 & 15"..?If yes whats the reasons.
Yesterday while im driving back to home i do feel like go "Tean Hau Temple" & i invited 1 of my goodies to go with me. I do feel very funny 2 young lady go "Tean Hau"temple around 7.30p.m and we do pray so hard to wish our wish success..after that we do"kau chim" when the time i "kau chim" i pray so hard n said to god hope i can get a good "chim"n please give me a guide line in my life...

 This are the "Chim" i get last night.

P/S: Thanks Joey's finally i know how 2 insert d.. ;-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

16Th Jan ~

Fuuhh yoo...wat a tired day for me...almost spend whole day at Klang Jusco Bkt Tinggi..Luckily end up i do manage to buy some stuff for myself..Yiipppiee ~!
Too bad im still new in blogger user duno how 2 upload pic..Anyone guide me please. Edwin , Khemy i need help.. :-p

*Keep carrying on Queenie for sure u will fully recover from all ur sadness~times will heal u up ! ^^

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Life Begin On 15th Jan 2011

Today is a new life for me after ended up of "something" relationship.When i woke up i pledge myself to encourage myself to have a new better life's.Then i plan to meet up with my frenz.

Today event : I meet up with a frenz of mine to bridal shop at Sunway Stareast Bridal Shop and help her to choose her wedding dress.But such a disappointment after saw a "no camera" allow sign. Th aught can take some nice photo with her n post out at Facebook.Luckily she was Not so picky only use 1 hour plus to choose her wedding gown.
After that i when to her house n lepaking around at he house. So nice of her hubby helping me to create a blog.
After spending some hour at her place her mum's invited me for dinner..feel so warm~.